Finally the second has arrived “EMA X-phase 2” as I like to call it, and the selected images are on the wall to show for it. Many people have asked why I go through the trouble, but it is still a kind of volunteered slavery – a term I picked up from this guy’s jazz, and an imagery direction hope to explore some more.

I have gotten a chance to exhibit creative works, and in keeping with the original spirit of the original shoot – April 3, 2015, I’ve insisted on keeping the initiative shaped in such a way that more people benefit in different ways from the creative process itself. The art of the whole is still to be observed in the work together – getting four ways of seeing to a final product that evokes generally one feeling.

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There have been challenges, not the least of which was the unplanned pause that interrupted our run. I agreed to do the gentlemanly thing, and in retrospect while there have been some changes, it wasn’t all that bad – it was an opportunity to pause and reflect, and to give it space to evolve – and it has.

Two photographers are showing their work now, no longer four. The images look good – and like any attempt at art they already provoke reasonably balanced though colourful discourse. There have been many shoots since the first, and enough are planned, the best of all of them have begun to add diversity to the selection. And while the original constellation of the exhibition might change somewhat, it remains a celebration of life and light in passions in movement., EMA Projects, EMA Project 003, ian antonio patterson, reflective, creative-edit, flower-fetish, Schnappshots,

“dschinny in bokeh” –


Do take a chance to go have a look see at Mokka, and say that Ian sent you, who knows =). I anticipate that the exhibition as is will run for 6 weeks.

special thanks in no small way to the models, makeup artists, exhibition venue and the whole photo team., ian antonio patterson, Schnappshots,

merry spring