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The stage is set and all things seem to be falling into place. It was 10°C on Thursday evening of last when I met with the dancers, 0°C last night when the hobby-photographers had a first meal together, and promises to be another cool 10 tonight when we have our second, March 22nd, 2015. A last Berlin battle I suppose between the greys of winter 2015 and the imminent entitlements of spring.

EMA-Project-003, a photoshoot    >>more>>

Practiced enthusiasts of art, seek to find balance in many places and of many things. The project starts with a photo-shoot. We’ve all pretty much voiced our expectations, and continually work with feedback. We appear to be bound by a single goal; itself as common as it gets and still unfolding. We have direction… EMA-Project-003 seeks to foster enthusiastic communication in English by simply bringing people together. Some people who enjoy the imaging discourse, and some who who have a passion to share.

The Project Team

  • Andreas Lederhaus – well practiced photographer and logistics expert employed in industry. Andreas is a fan of oriental dance and enjoys the rare pleasure of having a fitting subject very very close to home.
  • Regina von Pock – experienced educator in the field of photography and media. Regina offered the essential woman’s touch to the overall team efforts and balanced the overall outcomes of the shoot.
  • Remigiusz Rzeszowski – insightful enthusiast of the arts of imagery; pre- and post production. Remi exemplifies “the artful technician”; employed in the field of computer engineering in industry.
  • Ian Antonio Patterson – founder of a language school who seeks to enrich the language learning experience with a measure of flair, real and diverse interestunder separate cover.

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