The Dragon Shoot is done – It took place on August 21, 2016 – Berlin. First and foremost I’d like to extend a world of gratitude to everyone who helped to make it happen – Dschinny (character 1 – “her embodiment”), Kira (character 2), Natalia, Kristina and Matthias. Special thanks also go out to Remi (the artful technician) and Hüso (man of action), whose active participation on the day before was vital to the success of the shoot.

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Approach to Shoot – Instead of simply asking dancers to put on their best face for the shoot, each was assigned a character to portray. The characters 1 and 2; in inception since 03.11.2015 and 24.06.2016 respectively – seek to express stronger theatrical qualities to both enhance the photographic imagery for this project and drive further initiatives.

Forward – There’s still bigger dream unfolding, and like most things of music, movement and creative tension, the shoot project experienced a bit of a tumultuous start. The challenge that presented itself on the first day was small in comparison to those on the second. There were no failures; and the bigger dream as it were eventually found its own harmony among actors of many nations; namely Jamaica, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and UK =) and promises in its approach to art to end with the same.

Technical Contributors to the Shoot

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