Everything ran relatively smoothly – generally as planned, however the “artful perfectionist” in me wonders how I will truly document the event that was. All things considered, I shall call it what it is and write it off as a relatively successful first attempt.

What Went Right

As mentioned in the first post both characters assumed their theatrical roles well. They arrived on time, the location was ready and all equipment was set up and thoroughly tested from the day before. The only thing left to do on that fine Sunday was to run through a quick kick-off meeting and get started. Our trusty chaperone Natalia was raring to go, absolutely beaming with her basket of extra refreshments, and our competent Visagistin Kristina arrived on the scene looking smartly prepared with her magical box of tricks and a promising twinkle in her eye.

As a language teacher and imagery enthusiast, the day’s proceedings caused me to fully understand the importance of giving all team members the chance to voice what it is they understand their task to be, how they intend to do it and how it fit into the whole scheme of things. As long as the roles are clear I want my subjects to “let the diva out” for dance shoots – and since that’s what the Dragon Shoot is all about, every factor should serve to making that happen naturally. I was preoccupied with getting the best out of a medium format machine; and for that reason the support of a technical and an artistic assistant proved more important than anticipated. Luckily the characters were well enough studied, recognizably translated and adequately expressed in dance. [ technical support team ]

Roles continue to develop and there were some good lessons learned from Dragon Shoot (part 1)…

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Costume Design

Truth be told, keen attention was placed on costume design so as to amplify dance form and movement. In retrospect, I did have a strong sense of the glory intended, however certain vital aesthetics could have been more strongly rendered. A few logistical matters resulted in delays. All said and done therefore, I am still not 100% satisfied with some aspects. In this light, all relevant parties have amicably agreed to do proper justice in a second attempt.

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