Who owns your digital identity?

If memories are what we are made of, the stuff that makes us who we are and gives meaning to the all the things we hold dear – as our digital selves emerge and find legs and hands and wings, where will we wake up to find ourselves after we’ve given so much of it to Facebook, Google, Telecom providers, and all the cool connected gadgets and click-services that never forget?

Google is what it is and so is fBook but they are not the internet

Who would seek to [own] our digital-selves before we even recognise our own ‘click-footprint’, as that which fundamentally shapes to our digital-identity? This is neither a call to arms nor action, just a reminder that clicks are forever, & as inconsequential as they may seem, they’ll take us further than feet, and survive the part of us that breaths.

Assert thy digital self

I’ve chosen to try at least, to embrace the future and to avoid having to be cracked, by being an open book – after all the more people who know who you are, the less would ‘the thieves’ be able to create an ‘identity’ on your behalf or to steal [yours] away. I’ve chosen to be mindful of these things, to maintain a healthy measure of skepticism, to feed the-beast-online with music and dance and sugar and spice and everything nice, and to hold ‘the gate keepers’ to account re. [basic human rights and democracy and dignity] in every which way, all the time and at every given chance. Taking active ownership before something else does. Claim the stage before you find yourself there unprepared. Shape your own accountability before it’s given to you.

Happy clicking.