photography says to the flower in the wind “be still”
– and to the dancer in music “do not”.
iAntonio 2018

Verse 1.1

Original interest in shooting flowers has evolved over the years – ever since the first post along this line in July of 2014 – themed: flower fetish. An unexpected, though somehow natural shift of focus to dance, started to happen around November of the same year at a show where Raksan performed. I cannot think of any good reason why she would have taken any real notice of my work back then, flattering, that almost four years later she would invite my service, to contribute to her production – her canvas – where albeit in a small way, my flower fetish was afforded some room to further unfold – this time more vividly coloured with splendour of dance… featured image Dschinny.

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Foto Doku.: das von Raksan initiierte Secret Lila Stage Dance Project