I get asked from time to time why I do this – imagery, and find myself crafting different answers at different times, based on what I think different people are willing and able to digest. Wasted a lot of energy seeking to sense and manage the fears, values, prejudices, agendas and assumptions of others. This survival strategy blossomed in a place I call Border Town where something inside me withered…

From experience the importance of meaning of a thing that stands before, is more often than we realize, far less relevant than the preconceived notions of a curious onlooker. So what’s the sense in even trying to explain anything, if many questions asked seek only to confirm preferred preserved sometimes mythological constructs? The real question is about what the curious onlooker wants. This retort, to fattening, flattering and probing interest may seem disingenuous to some, – but the perceived circumstance and the veiled interests of others are duplicitous, in as much as the reasons for doing a thing are many; ranging from actively none, to the one and only non-futile attempt to change the world by changing one self.

In short, today I style myself “imagery enthusiast” – with it I converse with, broach, frame and reflect on many topics, create meaning out of pure self-indulgence, playfulness – and do it for the highest love.

Xerochrysum bracteatum: pentax k3, 120mm 645 macro, 1/120, f10, ISO 100