An acquaintance of mine interested it seemed in both the images and narrative asked me the question recently, “Why do you do this?” –then answered the question herself in the same breath “- for balance.” My response was a “yes” with a smile. She hit the nail square on the head; in retrospect however there shall be many nails in my coffin, so naturally a little more to this than only that. It is also an “assertion of digital self” of which I’ve spoken before; and an embracing of the ensuing democratization of knowledge; of which imagery is a tiny part. It’s also about ownership and accountability of one’s own digital identity. A personal sovereignty that if left unarticulated, shall, might, could, if only let it we would, be taken, by the little green man and his wife at the helm of everything.

Things get interesting when everyone can take their chance to try their hand at something new and beautiful, like snapping and posting flower-pics in the spring… “Why spend the days catching fire and finding fault and crutches and flight, rather than searching to capture and share the light?”

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