A simple shot is non-binding – like a fleeting thought with no purpose in particular – other than attempting to encapsulate a moment in its fullest – a reminder to the one sense that if well done calls all the others forth.

An old friend of mine tactfully interrupted my monolog over dinner four hours ago to ask a very good question – with a perturbed look on his face he asked “So you’re saying exactly,,, what’s your point?” I was stumped, caught myself switching tangents again, paused, and then I had to make one.

Well then friend of mine – it’s all about the attempt to encapsulate a flattering moment, giving it form, balance, clarity, detail and perspective (or playing with it), – then entering into a conversation about the many ways of knowing the many layers of meaning within the single frame. It’s magical, with the gift of gab and a little imagination the dialogue could be endless. But as an artist I met lately said “a goal of artistic expression is to show and to share your world”. I don’t do the capoeira, but I can still show how I saw it at the time while testing out a new lens.

[smc FA MACRO 100mm F2.8 , PENTAX K-5]

the good foot come-back

the good foot come-back

The first photo for instance I’d call the “the good foot”. It depicts two capoeira fighters surrounded by ‘talented enough musicians’ and / or few fellow fighters, spurring them on.

The moderate blur of the others standing around gives an appropriate feeling for the safe distance they keep, as a ‘capoeira foot’ delivers – while not the fastest but the most powerful kick. Funny to think that the moves might have once passed as dance steps.

the food foot escapeThe second image portrays the fervour with which one might move to avoid the same “good foot” coming back at you  [do onto others] – and so does the third. Two opposing perspectives with the same ‘talented enough’ musicians loyal to the same rhythm in the back. Do they want the good foot to happen?
Who knows?

And of my world on this day – (08.06.2014 – 16:48:02) these shots for example were taken on a warm beautiful Berlin summer day in X-Berg at the carnival of cultures, and though I was busy-on-cam, I can still hear the music, smell the sweat, sweet cocktails, smoke, dust, pollen, and feel the sun and the meaning to me.

My sister once said “take a step when you can” – meaning take the stairs sometimes. Maybe we should all learn to ‘do the capoeira’, with a view to sustainability through less and better consumption, and world peace through a mutually assured risk of the unexpected ‘good-foot’. Or simply to stay fit since many of us carry a share of ‘rolls’ around. – Nov 21, 2014 – Estimated cost to the world of obesity, 2 trillion per year. Donor nations pledged up to 9.3 billion in funds towards fighting the impending effects of climate change on the developing world.

the good foot

Everyone can ‘do the capoeira’.

the good foot

Special thanks to the performers on that day.