The technique I themed “new attempt at an old look” – It came I think from a melancholic phase I went through last winter, coupled in a strange way with a production by Tom Waits – Hold On. This “real-rendition” of an unusual orchid (Vanda Gordon Dillon Lea Mericlone) was inspired by “wet-plate collodion”, a very old process developed in the mid 1800s using wooden cameras to create an image on a glass medium. I appreciate the unexpectedly piercing sharpness of a still antique look, in spite of the muted tones, satiny textures and bold imperfections. But since I have neither the space nor the wood for the real thing my attempt here is to emulate with clicks. Seven hours to get it the way I like. The only thing I think the real thing will always have over me is the realness of it – and maybe the sometimes swirling misty, sometimes fluid or choppy borders – and the “weight” of the medium.