This shot was taken with a Pentax K5 with its 35mm Macro HD counterpart of the same name at f5 ISO 80. It was meant to be a kind of tester shot as I needed to see the level of detail I could get from a well acclaimed Pentax HD 35. I’ve also been testing out some theory behind BW photography, trying to find an acceptable balance between achieving true blacks while maintaining detail in the shadows.

Ideally we should always try to follow the basic rules of composition such as lines along the diagonal, rule of thirds, and maintaining a natural look. But in the spirit of the bit of mocking graffiti “sadly” painted on the front of the monument, it’s sometimes all about conversing with the basic rules of photography to be able to smash them properly – with reason. In this case I popped the post processing cause natural can be quite boring. Ignoring the “naturalness rule” takes nothing away from the rule itself necessarily, as demonstrated by the still prevailing beauty of the overall scene.

I sense that this very depiction could be somewhat loaded – as this “monument without a name” by Eberhard Encke 1924 was erected in memory of the Kaiser-Franz-Garde-Grenadier-Regiment’s fallen and missing in action. For the record my interests here were light and texture.